About Us


A very proven vessel and company built up over many years by skipper/owner Mr Nigel Hayter where they are based out of Southwold harbour on the Suffolk coast, East Anglia.

Although Mistress III has been associated with this picturesque area for many contracts carried out, the vessel has completed numerous successful projects for some high profile clients along the east/southeast and south coast of the UK. The forthcoming year has already shown strong interest towards work even further afield on the west coast of the UK.

Nigel Hayter

Director/owner and skipper

Nigel is a dedicated business developer who can turn his skill to most tasks that are met along the way. With a keen interest in boats and commercial fishing, Nigel has extended his working capabilities and knowledge to other working roles including dive support, safety boat services, crew and transfer and survey (various methods including seabed, water and tide monitoring and marine mammal/ornithological). Nigel has an attitude of adaptation in the forever changing industry and a strong belief in going "beyond expectations to see a project completed both safely and to deadline".

Richard Brookin Skipper


With a fishing background of 21 years alongside a commended background of a multitude of working roles within the offshore renewable industry dating back to 2002, Richard can boast to date a 100% safety record along with a very great sense of pride in all he does.

“We're a small and growing offshore vessel support company that has provided some of the UKs most high profile clients a service thats driven by pride, motivation and round the clock commitment to all aspects entailed in what is looked at as a demanding industry" Richard Brookin, skipper.